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Guest Blog: You’re Engaged, Now What?

Now that you have a ring on your finger what should be the first thing you do? I’ll be quite honest; I believe the direction you go is dependent on each couple. But don’t worry, I have a way to help figure out where to start planning.

1. Sit down with your finance – Before you pick a date, venue, or even set your budget, talk with each other about what is important to you and where your priorities lie.
2. Financing – Once you and your finance are on the same page sit and chat with all money contributing parties. Like it or not, if parents are paying for part/all of the wedding, their opinion matters.
3. Guest list – Have both sets of parents, you and your fiancé come up with a rough guest list. This will be essential for finding the perfect venue and setting your budget.
4. Budget – Once you have all the first three steps in place you are ready to set your budget.  Read more about how to set your budget here.
How a Coordinator can help
5. Hire a wedding planner –A professional planner can help you save $1000’s on your wedding just by their experience in the industry alone. A good planner can make back the fee you pay for them easily, and sometimes even more, through savings found through their connections and know how. Not to mention that they are the driving force the day of your wedding to make things happen behind the scene so you and your family don’t have to work or worry. Read more about the value of a planner here.
6.Choose a date – Have 2-3 dates in mind that you would like to get married. Make sure they work with the key players in your family, especially those who might be traveling. Consider high traffic travel dates for out of town guests and hotel availability.
7. Choose your venue – If location is important to you, choose your venue before approaching wedding professionals. One of the first things wedding pros ask is date and location. When choosing your locationmake sure to take a list of questions to ask at your walk through. Some of the most important things to ask are…What is the max capacity? Do they have in house catering? What is included in the price?  Learn more about how to pick the right venue here.
8. Choose your wedding professionals – Once you are at this point start booking your wedding pro’s in priority order. Dates can fill up fast, especially in the busy wedding season. Don’t wait to connect with a photographer, caterer, or florist you really want. If you hold off, they might be gone by the time you are ready to book.

The rest is just details!

Guest Blog Written By:

Katie Zuniga | Wedding and Event Planner
With This Ring Wedding and Event Planning
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