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As a child, is there anything more fun than playing dress up? As an adult, weddings provide a real-life opportunity to do just that, but with a few more rules to consider. Season, time of day, city and venue all play a part in deciding on wedding attire. Invitations can also provide details to consider, like color scheme and dress code. A day-time destination wedding on the beach in Mexico calls for a different outfit than an evening ceremony in an LA ballroom. The guide below presented by The Black Tux can help you decode the appropriate attire for the big day on your calendar!


It’s also worth noting that weddings are a big occasion for pictures. Between the professional photographer and friends Instagramming with the wedding hashtag, what you wear will likely be seen by many who didn’t even attend. Because of this, many people choose not to wear the same thing to more than one wedding. This provides the perfect opportunity to rent something that you may not usually be able to afford. The Black Tux is a great option for wedding tuxedo rentals, and Rent The Runway is a common choice for dresses. Each site provides quality garments and lets you see them on real people.

Guide aside, there’s one additional cardinal rule to consider. The bride should be the only woman in white. This rule has been around so long it should go without saying, but we’ve all been the at least one wedding where it was ignored. It doesn’t go unnoticed – in fact, it’s something other guests tend to remember you by for years to come. Let the bride have her moment to shine!


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