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Ways to Choose the right Officiant for You


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Ways to Choose the right Officiant for You, Submitted by Reverend Dee Richardson of Diva Matters Ministry

Did you know that hiring someone to officiate at your wedding is a fairly new idea? Yes, in the past, it was common to get married in your church, or  house of worship and have the Priest, Minister or Rabbi perform the ceremony. It was either free or a very minimal cost, which went into the ‘coffers’. If you didn’t have a family church, synagogue or mosque, then you got married by a judge.

Nowadays, there are so many options! Things have really changed and some people even choose to have a friend or family member get ”ordained” on-line to perform the ceremony! While this is perfectly legal, it is not always the best idea.  A friend might know you, but that doesn’t mean he or she knows how to put together a wedding ceremony.

Since it is the ‘legal’ part of the whole entire affair, and holds the most emotional charge, it is best to have it be the best!!

When looking for the perfect Officiant, it is so important that you connect and feel comfortable with them, making sure it is a ‘fit’. Having the ceremony represent YOU and your beliefs and lifestyle is what is so important. It isn’t about the Officiant/Minister ‘preaching’  his or her beliefs, like in the days of old, it is about YOU TWO! A trained, experienced wedding officiant can help you design a wedding  ceremony that fits your needs. Being flexible and open to your wishes, while being knowledgeable and helpful with ideas and working  together, makes for a good Officiant!!

Writing your own vows can be such a fun and a meaningful way to connect with the deepest part of the joy you two share in your relationship. They can be short, long, serious or funny….or a combination of all of it!! Many people choose to do ‘stock’ vows which are very nice and can be tweaked a little or a lot.

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Contact Rev. Dee Richardson today for your Complimentary 30 minute consultation in her office, with No Obligation, to get acquainted and see exactly that….if you are a ‘fit’!! It gives you a chance to meet and share your vision with her so you can work together to create the perfect ceremony. She is an Interfaith, non-denominational Wedding Officiant specializing in co-creating the ceremony of your dreams! Her enthusiasm and commitment is to make your day as  special and unique as YOU are!! Whether you are looking for a religious/non-religious,  traditional/non-traditional, same-sex, different walks of life,  small and intimate, large and elaborate, elegant or simple, Rev. Dee does it all!

View her Bravo listing or contact her at [email protected]  | (503) 998-7481 |

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