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Top 2013 Wedding Trends from Encore Events

2013 Oregon Wedding Trends Revisited

 What a creative and fantastic year for weddings in Oregon!  Couples really stepped out of the box to wow their family and friends with fun and interesting touches and traditions.  Here is a year-in-review of Oregon’s best 2013 wedding trends.

  1. Made In Oregon – From organic foods to locally-produced beers, wines and spirits to northwest-crafted favors to scenic settings, couples were certainly in a keeping-it-local frame of mind.
  2. Rustic tables and seating – Reclaimed wood tables with were all the rage.  Rather than standard tables draped in linens, many couples chose to enjoy the warmth and family dining vibe of rustic wood tables and benches.
  3. Super soft colors – Creamy whites, blush, champagne, mint, peach, pale pinks and lavenders were prominent this past wedding season.
  4. Gray is the new black – Various shades of gray (pewter, dove, charcoal) had a strong presence in linens, floral accents, bridesmaids’ dresses and even suits for the guys.
  5. Dessert displays – Let them eat cake, pie, cupcakes, petit fours, cookies, truffles, vintage candies, and more!  Rather than serve just traditional wedding cake, couples also wanted to offer their guests a variety of sweet treats displayed in elaborate, thematic fashion.
  6. Shoes, socks and ties – Under those gorgeous wedding gowns, brides donned footwear in bright colors, flirtatious styles and sexy heels.  The guys kept it playful with colorful socks and ties – bright solids, stripes and fun themes.
  7. Chalkboards – Whether in a rustic setting or at a fancy country club, it was hard to find a wedding this past year that did not incorporate chalkboards.  Creative quotes and information for guests were splashed throughout all areas of the ceremony and reception.
  8. Keeping it personal – It’s always fun for your guests to learn a little something about you as individuals and as a couple by incorporating personalized details into your wedding.  In 2013, we heard college fight songs, tasted grandma’s punch recipe, marveled over flowers from your tropical vacation where you were engaged, and sat at tables named after your favorite beers, amongst other things.
  9. Vintage – Antique tables, chairs, vases, lighting, plates and glassware remained huge this past wedding season.  Some couples went all out while others chose a few select vignettes (guest book, seating table, cake table) to showcase their nod to treasures past.
  10. Photo booths – Whether DIY or managed by a professional photo booth service, couples loved being able to entertain their guests as well as provide fun keepsakes from their special day.

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