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Guest Blog: The Tuxedo vs The Suit

What should the groom wear? A Tux? A Suit?

If you are having a traditional formal wedding, a tuxedo is the way to go.  However, many weddings are everything but traditional.  Weddings have become events with themes and great parties.  Your choices for the groom are open and fun.

Selecting a suit has be come the choice for many couples.  Color has become very important for the men as well as the women in the wedding party.  Here are some great ideas for your wedding.  Did you know you can rent a wide variety of suits and create amazing color stories around them? After many years in this business, there are several common questions among couples. Here are a couple of answers to the most popular questions and some practical advice.

Q: How do we decide between a tuxedo and a suit?

It depends on the feeling you are trying to create for your wedding.  If you have an evening wedding and the bride in a very formal gown, you will want the groom to be balanced with her look in more formal traditional apparel.  It is about creating a total look that blends all wedding party members into the emotion and feeling you want your wedding to have.

There are two main things that will determine what the groom wears on your wedding day; what the bride is wearing and your venue. If the bride is in a formal gown with a train, the groom should wear a tuxedo.  It is important for the look of the wedding couple to be balanced.

Q: Should the groom match the groomsmen?

A groom needs to stand apart from his groomsmen.  Color me groom.   Your tie, vest and boutonniere need to say, “Hey I am the groom”.  How about a different colored jacket or jacket style?  You are the star of your show.  Shine!

My Advice to You:

This is one of the most important days of your life.  Everyone will be looking at you.  Take the time to get it right.  There are no rules but there are some great suggestions.

  1. Dress to match the formality of the brides dress.
  2. Stand apart from your groomsmen.  You are the star of this show.
  3. Make it special.  Do dress beyond what you normally do. Just because you never wear a suit or tuxedo does not mean you should not wear one for your wedding.  You should!
  4. Go to an expert and make sure what you are wearing fits you perfectly.  Have a fitting day days before your wedding.  Take someone with you for a second opinion.
  5. Your shoes will show in the pictures, they need to look great.
  6. Have your hair cut 5 days before the wedding and only go to someone you know is going to do a great job.  No time to try out that new stylist. You can have a site trim the day before.  Who said men do not have their eyebrows waxed?
  7. Have fun and make your wedding pictures something you are proud to show for the rest of your life.
  8. Just because you never wear a suit or tuxedo does not mean you should not wear one for your wedding.  You should!

Grooms; your bride will spend hours and days making sure she looks the best she ever will on your wedding day.  She wants you to know you made the right decision.  Do the same for her.  Dress to impress, everyone will be looking at you.  Look your best.

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