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Guest Blog: The Great Eyelash Debate

The great lash debate: to get ‘Lashed’ or not to get ‘Lashed’?!!False eyelashes have been around for years. However, methods of application, wear time and selection have evolved over time and now the most beautiful of all are eyelash extensions - ”ONE LASH onto ONE LASH.”Eyelash extensions are weightless, water-resistant and with routine lash fills every three weeks, can last indefinitely! Here are a few tips if you’re facing the great lash debate:1. Find a professional:
Eating food from natural food markets is just as important for body, as finding the right licensed professional to tend to your eyelashes. An ‘in-and-out’ lashing shop can harm your lashes, similar to convenience food to your body!

Bella by Jolena Oregon and Washington Spa, Salon, wedding make up, eyelash extensions2. Ask about their application method:
Each lash extension must be meticulously placed on top of ONE of your own natural eyelashes or you risk damaging your natural lashes. Many technicians call this the ‘clustering effect,’ as it can put a strain on the slower growing lashes and eventually pull the weaker lashes out.

3. Do your research:
Select an eyelash technician who is a licensed professional, with a proven track record. I recommend using Yelp or other consumer review sites before you make the plunge. After all, anyone can place eyelashes on top of your eyelashes, but it takes a true artistic professional to properly place “ONE LASH onto ONE LASH!”

4. Maintenance:
To maintain the length, volume and thickness that keep your lashes looking lush and beautiful, plan on visiting your lash technician every three weeks – Similar to nail fills and gel manicures!

So, now you’re in the know!
Properly applied eyelash extensions DO NOT HARM YOUR OWN LASHES! You can wake up with beautiful lashes on your honeymoon, Holiday away or everyday without the need for mascara.
So go ahead and get Lashed…!!
Bella By Jolena
20 Year Professional Makeup, Hair Artist, Licensed Aesthetician & Eyelash Technician
PHONE - 503.780.7802
Bella by Jolena Oregon and Washington Spa, Salon, wedding hair and makeup

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