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The Great Debate: Indoor Versus Outdoor Weddings

The Great Debate: Indoor Versus Outdoor Weddings

Since the dawn of wedding-planning time, the dilemma of choosing between an indoor or outdoor wedding has proved difficult for many soon-to-be newlyweds. Weighing the pros and the cons is a challenging task dependent upon innumerable factors that couples, quite frankly, should never have to figure out on their own.

But, never fear! We’ve chosen to do a bit of the “heavy lifting” in this decision on your behalf. Below we have comprised a condensed list of the positives and negatives for each of these wedding settings. While we can’t exactly make the choice for you, we certainly hope to relieve some of the stress associated with it.


Outdoor Pros:

1. Because the outdoors is, well, outdoors, your wedding is sure to have ample space for all of your guests. This also makes it great for kids, with plenty of room to run and play.

2. Assuming you choose a day with good weather, you can provide your wedding with a beautiful, organic aesthetic that’s sure to impress guests, set the mood of the event, and look great in later photos. What can we say? Nature is gorgeous!

3. Let’s face it: nature is a pretty readily-­available source in most areas. So, assuming you don’t rent a space, the price of an outdoor wedding can end up being much cheaper.


Gorge-ous Weddings


1. Just as nature can be picturesque and ideal, it can also be highly unpredictable. One slight weather change could leave your guests soaking wet, disheveled by the wind, or suffering the consequences of blaring heat, just to name a few.

2. If you’re holding your wedding out in the elements, you have to accept that things are going to get dirty. While this doesn’t bother many newlyweds, it is still best to anticipate at least minor stains on some dresses and suits.

3. An outdoor wedding isn’t always accessible to everyone. People with difficulty walking, the elderly, and individuals with nature allergies may experience complications depending upon the location you choose.


Cooper Spur Mountain Resort

Indoor Pros:

1. Unlike an outdoor wedding, you don’t really have to worry about weather conditions, which makes an indoor wedding much easier to predict. I’ve got five words for you: air conditioning and heating systems.

2. With an indoor wedding you’re not limited by the natural aesthetic already around you. This usually opens up a few more decorative options and the opportunity for more personalization. Feel free to choose a design you really want!

3. In an indoor wedding, you can ensure that your guests will be comfortable. It’s also easier to manage entertainment and catering, so they’ll never go hungry or bored.


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1. Indoor weddings don’t usually have the same “ample space” of outdoor weddings. Depending on the location, things can get busy, cluttered, and hectic very fast.

2. In most cases, nature is a free resource. A large event space, however, is not. It’s best to accept that any indoor wedding you hold will also have a larger price tag attached.

3. It’s a tremendous challenge to recreate the natural beauty of the outdoors in an indoor space. If you’re aiming for an organic “feel,” an indoor wedding might not be the best choice.


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