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Superstition Series: Traditions at a Church Ceremony


Having a church wedding? All your church wedding superstitions explained…

We’ve all heard that it is bad luck to see your groom before the ceremony, but did you know it was common in the past for the bride and groom to walk together to the church? They didn’t exactly walk hand in hand, though. The bride would walk in front of the groom, followed by the best man, and then the maid of honor. This journey while awkward had to be completed this way to ensure the best of luck for the couple.

Getting from the house to the church was tricky business as well! Custom dictated that the bride must leave her house stepping out the door right foot first. Luck also depended on the most fickle thing of all, the weather. Leaving the house the bride hoped to see sun, snow, and rainbows, while wind and rain signaled a rocky marriage. Makes sense except for the snow…

And if you are planning on copying these rituals, keep a coin in your pocket to give to the first person you meet along the way!

Hopefully you make it to the ceremony, all goes well, and you hear the lucky church bells in conclusion because when you leave the church there is plenty to deal with as well. It was tradition for the wedding guests to block the door with a rope or chain until the groom paid them money. It was all in good fun, though! That money then went towards the drinks to toast the happy couple. The reason the couple’s path was blocked was to symbolize their transition from being single to married.

Once past the barrier and settled in the carriage, you better hope that the grey colored horses weren’t reluctant to start! This or turning the carriage too close to the outside of the church spelled doom for the couple. Good thing most people drive cars nowadays!

All of these traditions can seem daunting if you are the superstitious type, but just be glad you didn’t live back then! No matter what you believe take comfort in knowing that your loved ones will there to help you through your big day.

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