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26 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

In organizing all the puzzle pieces of a wedding comes the stress of budgeting. In an effort to save money on your wedding, consider these to tips to plan a successful event for less.


1. Create a comparison chart to organize different vendors, various options, and all necessary costs.
2. Determine how much financial flexibility you have and be disciplined enough to stick to your budget.


3. Consider holding your ceremony and reception at the same place to avoid transportation costs and multiple site fees.
4. Keep in mind the layout of your venue when determining how you want to decorate.
5. Look for price packages when selecting a reception site.
6. Be mindful of the duration of your reception. To trim the length even by an hour will allow you to take strides in meeting your wedding budget.


7. Instead of stocking a full bar, consider serving beer, red and white wine, and one or two personalized signature cocktails.
8. To create a unique beverage menu, use berries or colorful garnishes such as curled lemon, lime peels, raspberries or strawberries, or orange slices.
9. Contemplate the idea of a coffee bar. Offering a fresh brew along with flavored syrups and creamers is beneficial in regards to your wedding budget, while also providing your guests with a unique experience. There are several local companies that does espresso bars!


10. When hiring your Band or your DJ, consider when exactly you’ll need them throughout the day. Less time typically means less cost.


11. While deciding what cakes and desserts to serve, consider your local grocery store. With a provided image of what you’re hoping for, some bakeries can replicate your vision for less. Some of the best cakes can come from your local bakery.
A dessert buffet is another cost-friendly option are these tiny treats are satisfying crowd-pleasers.


12. During cocktail hour, hand-serve more expensive appetizers. Guests typically consume more when finger foods and small appetizers are self-serve.
13. To save money on the reception, consider a lunch / afternoon reception or a cocktail party reception. This gives you some financial flexibility with your menu and beverage costs as you could consider comfort food like macaroni and cheese or mini grilled cheese sandwiches.
14. Regarding catering, inquire about family-style dishes and the cost difference. Big bowls of pasta or platters of meat or sandwiches may be more suitable for your event and for your budget.
15. To spice up your menu, consider adding sauces or spices to pasta or chicken dishes to keep the cost low while still delivering the wow factor. You could even consider more unusual varieties like adding sausage and broccoli to pasta or serving spinach and cheese tortellini.
16. If interested in providing seafood, be sure to consider what will be in season come wedding time. This can drastically impact your wedding budget.
17. Seek out local farms for produce.  This is a great way to support the community while also providing fresh, savory food to your guests. Best of all, it’s a cost-effective option.
18. Should children be attending the wedding, address your caterer about any offers for child portions or kids meals.
19. With all catering decisions, remember that presentation is key. There are many ways to spend efficiently while also achieving impeccable presentation to wow your guests. Be creative.
20. Don’t forget your vendors. Majority of your vendors will require you to provide a meal if they are staying through dinner (DJ’s, photographers, and coordinators). Talk with your caterer if there is a less expensive vendor meal you can provide.


21. To save money on transportation, have two different cars bring you to the ceremony and pick you up after the reception. This avoids having to account for long hourly rates in your budget.


22. Utilize calligraphy font website to accomplish a classy and professional look for less.


23. When ordering flowers, consider what is in-season as this will set the tone for your floral bill.
24. With floral arrangements, less is often more. Simple elegance can be achieved through small vases with a few flowers or even through the use of candles or floating rose petals.
25. Pick locally grown flowers. If you decide to pick something that is exotic, you will have to pay the additional shipping cost.


26. Photography is debatably the most important vendor as it is responsible for producing tangible mementoes of your special day. Educate yourself on photographers’ reputations, ask for references, and familiarize yourself with the style of their work to get a clear idea of who can capture your day the best.

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