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Guest Blog: Why Hire a Professional Wedding DJ

Should I hire a Wedding DJ or use and iPod for my wedding reception? This is a question many brides and grooms ask while they are planning their wedding.  Here are some reasons why a professional wedding DJ is worth hiring.

Top 10 Reasons why a Wedding DJ can never truly be replaced by an iPod

  1. A wedding DJ will give you expert advice based on years of experience.
  2. DJs have massive music libraries that include all the music you and your guests love.
  3. A DJ will make all announcements so your guests do not miss a single special moment.
  4. Your DJ will set up and tear down the equipment allowing you more time to party.
  5. A Wedding DJ has the flexibility to play music requests.
  6. It is difficult to find a reliable friend to run the ipod.
  7. Renting equipment and buying music can become as expensive as hiring a wedding
  8. Wedding DJs mix one song smoothly into the next with no akward delay.
  9. DJs are trained to read the crowd and play more of the music your guests love to dance to.
  10. Wedding DJs add energy and excitement to your reception.  People do not remember a lot of the details after the wedding, but the one thing they will always remember is how much fun they had.

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Brett M. Bell
Chief Entertainment Officer
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