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Powers Studios

Powers Studios

You’re Engaged… now what?

Congratulations! He proposed, you’ve said yes – now where do you go from here? You have to tell your parents, his parents, call all your friends, call the church, get time off for the honeymoon, buy a wedding dress, find a caterer… STOP!

First, take a deep breath. Create a “wedding space” where everything is kept in one area. It will make the process of planning your wedding organized and FUN (so you don’t drive your fiancé crazy)!

Before all the hustle begins, do yourself a favor and sit down with your fiancé and ask yourselves the following questions:

•  Are your families large or small?

•  How do you want your wedding to feel? Is it formal? Upscale casual? Relaxed casual?

David Barss Photographer

David Barss Photographer

•  Do you want an indoor or outdoor wedding?

•  What is your budget?

•  Are there elements of the wedding that are more important to you than others?

Work together so that you both agree and then commit your thoughts to paper. Create a wedding “to do” timeline that will help you prioritize what needs to get done. See our helpful hints on page 13  for this.

When discussing your budget, create a “top ten” list outlining elements of the wedding each of you feel is most important. It may be music and an open bar for your fiancé and the bridal gown, music and cake for you. Sit down with each other’s lists and cross – reference. You’ll begin to see a pattern of what comes to the top – allowing you and your fiancé to make those difficult decisions based on your budget easier.

Organize your thoughts and plans into a wedding organizer. The Bravo! Wedding Organizer is a great resource filled with checklists, timelines, helpful hints, places to hold fabric swatches, business cards and more. You can order one from the Bravo! office at 503.675.1380.

Langdon Farms & Power Studios

Langdon Farms & Power Studios

Last, but not least, take time out for yourself at least once a week with an activity that is NOT wedding related. Go for a walk, swim, read a book, swing at the playground, see a movie – anything that will help clear your mind and refresh your energy. Don’t forget to set aside a date night for you and your fiancé as well – remember that wedding talk is off-limits!

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