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The Personal Approach to Design

When planning a wedding, many brides often find it difficult to decide on an approach to to take for the basic design of the event. It initially seems stressful to consider the decisions of color pallets, venues, flowers, the cake, the photographer, and not to mention all of the elaborate decorations. While these details present themselves as overwhelming decisions, the truth is, the design of your wedding provides you with an opportunity to portray your love story and to share the most treasured moments of your relationship with your family, friends, and guests. The best approach to design is a personal one.

Instead of struggling in contemplation over what decisions are best to make, look to your relationship and your favorite memories in order to find answers regarding these fundamental aspects of the event. Here are elements to think about while determining your vision for the design of your wedding:

Where did you and your spouse meet? Where have you traveled together? What places are a crucial aspect of your love story? This concept of location can be incorporated into the design of your wedding. It provides an opportunity for you to get creative, and it also conveys to your guests different monuments of your relationship. Maybe the proposal took place on a beach or you took a special trip together. Consider this and see if you can incorporate some of these memories to give a personal touch to your design.

What do you and your spouse like to do together? How do you like to spend your time with one another? What’s your favorite date you’ve shared as a couple? Giving thought to these questions will hopefully inspire thoughts of additional aspects of your relationship that can be used as decoration and design. If you like kayaking, playing tennis or watching football, challenge your creativity to see how you can include these details of your relationship into your special day.

What made you fall in love with each other? What were you doing when you realized you loved your spouse? Where did your engagement take place? Were there any special objects or meaningful props used? What made your engagement special? Again, reflecting on questions like these may spark some new ideas of a personal approach to take to the organization of the event.

Is there a certain flower he/she gave you for Valentine’s day or on your first date? Do you have a particular memory with cakes or cupcakes that signifies meaning to your relationship? Including these little memories can embody the love that you share and make your wedding something truly remarkable!

Consider these different fundamentals of your relationship and tap in to your inner creativity in order to construct a unique and personal design for the basis of all your wedding plans. The key is to reflect on noteworthy anecdotes and significant memories of your relationship, and finding ways to express that through the details of the event. Tie these details in to your wedding design so every aspect of your special day emulates your relationship.

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