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7 Tips for Natural Bridal Beauty

7 Tips For Natural Bridal Beauty

As preposterous as it may sound, the beauty component of the wedding planning process always demands attention and detail. From the dress, to the hair style, the color of the nail polish, to the style of the make-up, beauty is a huge priority to every bride, as every girl wants to look her best on her wedding day. While magazines and wedding-based TV shows encourage elaborate hair styles, acrylic nails, and heavy make-up, we suggest a new approach that may differ from what you initially had in mind.

While every bride should feel like a princess on her wedding day, every bride should also be reminded why she is naturally beautiful. A special, monumental day like this serves as an opportunity to embrace your true beauty and emphasize the traits that make you who you are. In this day and age, far too many brides alter their appearance as a means of trying to be the perfect bride. Here are seven things to consider in an effort to emphasize your true beauty:

Regarding the hairstyle, bear two things in mind:

1.) Select a hairstyle that compliments the style of your dress. For example, if your wedding dress has an open-back or has a certain detail on the backside, it may be a good idea to go with an updo. For a dress that features glamour on the front, you may decide to avoid a an elaborate hair style. Be mindful of how you wear your dress and choose a hairstyle that compliments that.

2.) Consider wearing your hair naturally. While many brides initially reject the idea of wearing their hair natural, it could potentially work well by contrasting the fancy feel of your dress with your natural hairstyle. This is also a great opportunity to consider flower crowns, jeweled headbands, or other girly headpieces.

3.) Ditch the spray tan. Yes, every girl loves a little sun-kissed glow, but you’ll more than likely get that on the honeymoon. There’s various things that can go wrong with artificial tanning, plus it undermines your natural skin tone, so consider eliminating that chore off of your to-do list.

4.) When selecting your nail color, bear in mind the colors that are relevant to your wedding day. This includes your wedding colors, the shade of your bridesmaids dresses, and the colors that comply with the time of year. A winter wedding may allude to darker nail colors, such as a dark navy, black, charcoal, or a light gray, while a spring/summer wedding may imply a pale pink, a tan / nude color, or an iridescent shimmer. Be mindful of what will best compliment the remainder of your presentation as the bride.

5.) When selecting your make-up color pallet, choose colors that compliment your skin tone and eye color. Many women use black eye-liner as a go to color, but there’s nothing to lose in exploring other options, such as trying out various shades of colored eye-liner. While this may initially sound tacky, selecting a navy blue, a dark green, or a sparkly brown can give your eyes an extra pop of color. Ask a professional about how to highlight the natural features of your face.

6.) Another way to achieve a natural enhancement of your eye color is to use a hint of white eye shadow in the crease of your eye. This creates contrast with your pupil and is used to intensify the color of your iris.

7.) In regards to jewelry and wedding day bling, remember that less is more. Be cautious in purchasing flashy jewels because it’s common for diamonds to be a distraction and upscale your bridal beauty. Stick with something elegant that will tie your appearance together rather than taking away all components of your bridal beauty.

Lastly, remember that your spouse loves you for who you are, not the way you look. While every bride deserves to feel beautiful on her wedding day, know that you won’t achieve that feeling of beauty through heavy amounts of make-up, nor an elaborate, celebrity-styled hairdo. In determining the beauty details of your special day, emphasize what makes your appearance unique and know that regardless of what decisions you make, you’re bound to look beautiful either way.

Written By Libby Bartley

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