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Make Your Wedding the Coolest Event of the Summer

 Tips for keeping you and your guests comfortable at your hot summer wedding.

Summer is a very popular time to have outdoor weddings.  While you probably all wish you could control the weather on our big day, you cannot. However, you can control how you prepare for the likely inevitable summer heat.  With temperatures nearly reaching triple digits in the weeks to come, here are several tips on keeping cool this wedding season.

My first and most obvious word of advice is to keep hydrated! Make sure that you make your liquid intake a priority on your big day.  Maybe even consider handing out water bottles with a cute personalized touch at the ceremony  to ensure maximum comfort for both you and your attendees. Also, don’t forget about your floral arrangements! Hydrated plants are happy plants!

Functional Party Favors
Consider giving your guests something that they will actually use at the ceremony itself. If your ceremony will not be covered, look into handing out cute umbrellas to all of your guests! Give them cute paper fans or mist bottles to help them keep cool.

Another great idea is to hand out sunglasses to your guests. That way they will only be blinded by your love and not the sun.

Shaded Ceremony& Reception
If possible, reserve a tent or a shaded area! When temperatures rise above the mid 80s your guests will definitely be thanking you!  If the entire ceremony or reception cannot be shaded make sure that there is enough shade for those who absolutely need it.

Dress Light
Ladies, in my experience it is most comfortable to wear something loose and flowing.  When possible wear as little layers as possible! However this task is often easier said than done for men who often have to sport suits and ties.

Go for Cooler Foods
Consider opting for an ice cream sunday bar at your reception rather than going for cake, the more traditional alternative. Another fun idea for a hot summer wedding is to opt for a shaved ice machine.  Shaved ice is a fun and tasty way to keep your guests cool.  These two alternative dessert options will keep guests cool and satisfy their sweet tooth.

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