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Guest Blog: How to Pick YOUR DJ

Now that weʼve solved the mystery of wedding DJ prices, let us move on to yet another pressing question; How do I choose my wedding DJ? Clearly we learned from my last entry that this decision is crucial to the overall success of your wedding day, and should not be taken lightly. Just follow these three simple steps, the process will be a breeze.


Go to the wedding planning hubs like wedding wire, the knot or mywedding -just to name a few- and read your little heart out. These reviews are priceless!! They are a direct reflection of the services provided by the DJʼs you are interested in, written by couples who were just married and used their services. This is kind of demented, I know, but I like to sort the reviews from low to high so I can read the bad ones first, just to weed out the weaklings. It sounds so wrong, but feels so right.


If their site looks like something out of the AOL days, get the heck outta there! It is essential that your DJ be hip with the times sister!! If their site is archaic, that means their planning process probably is too. I personally like DJʼs who have their booking forms, planning docs, payments etc etc all available online. I mean c’mon, in this the most technologically advanced climate we’ve ever seen, thereʼs no way youʼll catch me with pen to paper trying to write out my request list, or whipping out a stamp to snail mail anything to anyone, nossir! Iʼd venture to say that even though you and I have most likely never met, that you agree, and hereʼs why… What are you reading this article on right now? I betcha you live most of your life through that powerful device, and ya know what, wedding planning on that thing is going to improve your wedding planning process just like the invention itself has simplified your life.


After youʼve completed steps one and two, narrow the field down -if necessary- to your three favorite DJʼs, and meet with them in person. Meetings are a crucial step in figuring out who best matches up with the personalities of you and your better half. You will be spending the next year planning, exchanging emails and meeting with this person, so you need to like their personality. From there, get into the nitty gritty. A true professional will have an amazing presentation of their services for you, and should leave little left on the table as far as questions for you to pose them. However, just in case that doesnʼt happen in your DJ meetings, here are a few points to cover…

• How do we select our music?

• Will you also act as our emcee?

• Are the following things included in the package I am interested in: ceremony music, cocktail hour music, dinner music, reception music, setup, teardown, travel, microphones (one for officiate and one for emcee), dance lights?

• What time do you arrive for setup?

• Do you have backup gear in case of emergencies?

• What does your contract require of us? Or, more simply put… What, if anything do we need to provide for you?

• Are you insured?

How to Choose YOUR Wedding DJ Once youʼve made it through all three steps, youʼll realize that – cue the amazing John Legend – alllllllll of you, loves all of your DJ. Ahhh, how sweet love is.


Jennifer Babbitt

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