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How to Pick the Perfect Photographer

Picking out a photographer for one of the most important days of you and your future spouse may seem like a major hurdle. The pictures you capture will be shared with friends and family, mounted and framed for all to see.  These pictures will capture beautifully shared moments that without that perfect person behind the lens, who knows what you’re looking for and what will express who you are as a couple. With so many options out there, it may seem like a daunting task. This process will take some time; I’m not going to lie, with so many amazing photographers out there these days, you have a lot to choose from. Take a step back and look at how you want to represent your special day. Do you want a Clean look (lightly processed to appear natural), a Matte look (a low-contrast with muted pastel colors, similar to vintage film) or High Contrast (a vibrant look with rich colors that pop) We’ve complied a few things to consider while searching for a photographer.

The Photographs

This may seem straight forward, but it is crucial to see as many images as possible from each photographer you plan on considering for your wedding. Taking time to meet with each photographer that you have narrowed down and seeing as many albums as possible will be helpful in deciding on if they are a good fit for you. A photographer develops a body of work (portfolio) over time. Viewing their work will give you a sense of who the photographer is. You’ll be able to see their style, consistency and sensibility. Do the images that you see move you? Do you like the presentation? You should like most, if not all, of what you see. You may get lots of input and opinions from family and friends, but the most important opinion is you and your future spouse. It this the style your looking for that will capture those most precious moments?

The photographer’s Presence

It is a delicate balance for a photographer, to be able to be present and unobtrusive at the same time. The more comfortable and at ease you feel around your photographer, the more beautiful and natural your wedding images will feel. A wedding photographer will be intimately involved with most aspects of your day. A good photographer will be with you from the beginning of the day, during the exchanging of vows, when you enter the reception as a married couple for the first time and into the late night as you celebrate with friends and family. If you are unable to meet with your potential photographer I recommend that you schedule a long phone call or Skype with them. The most important thing to remember is to go with your instinct. If you like a photographer’s images and feel comfortable when speaking with them, you have only one other aspect to consider and that is your budget.


So the good news is that there are talented photographers for every couple’s budget. However there is a wide range of photographers to choose from and having to go through each one to find pricing can be time consuming.  It is paramount to ask questions and be clear on the parameters of your photography package. Receiving 100’s of pictures might seem like you are getting a great deal, but more is not always more. The quality and consistency of the images should come before albums or other extras. Having an album full of photos you are not happy with is not very special. If you have amazing photographs that you love, you can always find great ways to display them and share them with family and friends.

There are very few things you will be taking home with you after your wedding day:

Your spouse, your ring and your photographs. I will never forget an image that used to hang in my grandparents house of my grandmother on her wedding day. It’s a beautiful picture of her in her wedding dress holding a small bouquet of flowers smiling, while standing next to a large rhododendron tree. It’s something that I used to look at every time I visited, but did not take thought of it until I started a search for my own photographer for my wedding. It was then that I realized that I wanted to be able to capture something as precious as that picture hanging on my grandparent’s wall for 50 years.

Photographs become a part of your personal history. They capture the essence of your experience and will undoubtedly be shared with your children and grandchildren. As you begin to prioritize your wedding day, how will you distribute your finances, never underestimate the value of photography. Your wedding photos will become family heirlooms. Choosing a wedding photographer is in many ways like choosing a mate. Find someone who moves you, someone who clicks with you and understands your vision. Don’t forget to ask questions, express your desires and most important, follow you heart. Luckily, when you find the right wedding photographer, just like a good life partner, you need only one.


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