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Guest Blog: How to Make Your Makeup Last

One concern many brides have is looking picture perfect all day long. A huge concern could be making your makeup last all day long. Here are 5 top tips to make your makeup last all day:

1. Hydrate:

Make sure you properly hydrate your skin. For someone who has really dry skin, I recommend Votre Vu crème De la crème as a base, and MAC Prep and Prime to finish.  For an individual with more oily skin, it’s important to use an oil-free primer – try a product by Laura Mercier.

2. Primer, primer, primer:

Most primers have a silica base to them which means they soften and smooth the surface of the skin, allowing foundation and makeup to sit on top without looking like it’s settling in your pores.

Use an eye primer on eye lid and facial primer all-over face. There are a multitude of different choices. For the lids, MAC Paint Pots are awesome – favorite colors for bridal makeup are groundwork, bare study and painterly, they are acrylic based which means they don’t budge at all. You can also use Urban Decay Primer Potion. These are also wonderful for everyday normal makeup routine especially in the summertime. Always use color correcting primers when necessary. A primer will help to smooth out your skin, tone down un-even patches, redness, and most importantly, it will help the foundation or makeup you put on last all day.

3. Do your eye makeup first:

Often, my clients find it odd when I prep their skin and then go straight into their eye makeup. But, trust me, it makes perfect sense! If you do the skin first, then eyes, you lean all over the face while applying the eye shadow, therefore messing up your flawless skin. Prep your cleansed skin and move on to the eye makeup. After eye application, simply wipe away any eye shadow “fall out” with a small fluffy brush or a cotton pad with a little makeup remover. (Be mindful of your base, though!)

4. Concealer after your foundation:

You can use the warmth of your finger to “tap and press” the product softly into place then to blend it using a blending brush, this way your coverage is going to last.

5. Don’t Over Powder:

Translucent, very natural and HD translucent setting powders are best. Powders can dull the skin and can have a tendency to look ‘cakey.’ Add sparingly using a large fluffy powder brush and “press” the product on starting on the chin, then to the jaw, then the forehead, the nose and finally swirl around the occipital area. For a more natural glow, powder just the T-zone where the oil is more prevalent. Apply blush last to the apple of the cheek and se a setting spray to make it last extra-long!

If you follow these tips, your wedding makeup will last all day long – Have a beautiful wedding!


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