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Guest Blog: How to Design with Color

color picture“Were not in Kansas any more Toto!” Remember when Dorothy and Toto first arrived in OZ and the film went from black and white to vibrant color? That’s the effect you can create for  your wedding reception! Guests will walk in and say “Wow, this is amazing.” The great part about designing with color to decorate is that is doesn’t have to cost a lot to create a unique effect.  You will probably have linens, flowers and the like anyway. Why not have them make a statement by using vibrant colors?

It’s fun to combine unique colors for an exciting effect. I coordinated a wedding where the bride chose teal and red! Another chose lime green and bright orange! Right now I am coordinating a wedding that will be navy and coral! One may think these color combinations won’t work well together, but you’d be amazed at what a fun and memorable event they create.

Four simple ways to incorporate color into your reception room.

1)      Linens add so much to a room’s decor.  Try layering one color of tablecloth over another color. Simply use clips to “bustle” the top tablecloth to show the color of the one beneath.

2)      Flowers can be used to create a dramatic effect of color!  Just make sure flowers in the colors you choose are in season in your area at the time of your wedding, so you don’t have to pay extra to have them shipped in for your arrangements.

3)      Table accents are an easy way to introduce color into your décor.  Choose a tablecloth in one color and  napkins, candles, place cards, etc. in your accent color.

4)      Lighting can create a mood in seconds.  Consider having professional up-lights or accent lighting to highlight the head table, cake table, dance floor or the entire room!

For more creative ways to design with color in your decorating take a look at my Pinterest board:

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