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What will a Wedding Coordinator do for me?

There is a misconception that wedding coordinators are only for larger budgets or weddings, but that is simply not the case. A professional coordinator can often save you money for what their expertise costs based on their knowledge and connections in the industry. As you’re considering whether to hire one, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do you have the time? This may come as a shock, but all the other things in your life that keep you busy don’t ease up simply because you’re planning a wedding. Your job still needs attention and the dog still has to go for a walk. Adding all the details of a wedding can be stressful. Hiring a coordinator will allow you to pay attention to the other elements of your life and enjoy your engagement.

2. Do you have the knowledge? While this is an emotional experience for the engaged couple, at the end of the day it is still a business transaction. There are contracts to be negotiated, logistics to be set in a timeline and conflicts to be solved before they happen. A wedding coordinator has the expertise to get this all done seamlessly. They know the right questions to ask and have the resources to correct any issues that arise. A coordinator won’t take your planning away from you. They will help you make informed decisions and then do the legwork.

3. Do you have the vision? Not sure where to start or want the image you’ve had in your mind since you were 12-years old? A coordinator will work with you in creating your picture-perfect wedding. Not only do they see what other people are doing, but they are up to date with the best vendors, fresh ideas and trends.

4. Do you want to do anything but enjoy your wedding day? Don’t spend time setting up, running around answering questions, fixing problems or making sure deliveries happen on time. A coordinator is setup to be your personal assistant so you can relax and think about the next stage in your life.

Now that you’ve answered the four questions, you may have discovered that you want help creating a cohesive vision or really just want someone there for the day of your wedding.

Wedding Coordinators have different levels of service for you to choose from. Below are just a few options:

Prints Charming Photography

Prints Charming Photography

•  Complete Wedding Planning:

Assistance throughout the entire planning process & on-site coordination

•  Month-of Coordination (also known as “Day-of”):

Getting final minutia cohesively planned into a timeline and managing your wedding day so you don’t have to

•  Partial Planning:

Specific projects are planned month-of coordination is covered

When you interview coordinators, be sure to ask for a portfolio and references. Remember whoever you choose will be handling one of the most important days of your life. It’s important that you truly connect with their personality and they make you feel comfortable about your decisions.

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