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Guest Blog: Where to Start Planning

What’s new in party decorating?  What venue would work best for my sister’s outdoor wedding next year?  Can you recommend a good caterer?  These are questions I hear every week.  I am not Dear Abbey, Ask Amy but after 24 years in the hospitality industry I have the answers when it comes to events and entertaining.

In this blog I will provide quick, easy to implement ideas on events, weddings, milestone birthday parties and the like.  I am also available to answer specific questions you have regarding up coming events in your life.  Consider me Question Carolyn….maybe we will work on that one!

The first thing to do when planning an event!

Let’s start at the very Be-gin-ing, I can’t write that without that tune Do Re Mi from The Sound of music entering my head.  Broadway musicals aside, I have decided to post blogs in chronological order, similar to how I create an event.  This will help you followers to find helpful hints no matter where you are in the planning process.  I will, of course, throw in some current events and fun facts along the way, but this way we can follow a successful events progression from beginning to end!

In The Beginning:

Once you have decided you are going to celebrate something, getting married, a milestone birthday, a graduation….the first thing to do is select a date.  The date effects so many plans… really not a lot can be done prior.  Once you select the date you can:

Research Venue Availability. Using the internet and/or an event planner research venues options then check their availability calendars on-line or by contacting them.

Send a “Save-the-Date” to Guests. This can be as simple as an email or as fun as a “Message in a Bottle” through the mail for a beach themed event!

Begin Checking Availability with Key Vendors. You don’t need to have a venue set in stone to book caterers, musicians, photographers  and the like you just need a date to put in the calendar!

Everyone has busy calendars so pick a date, get the word out. After all what is truly most important is not what color the napkins are but that you share your special day or evening with those you love most….

Guest blog written by:
Creative Celebrations
Carolyn Miller
Wedding & Event Planning
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