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Guest Blog: The Budget

Yuck!  Really?  We have to talk about money when there is so many other fun things about planning an event?  Yep, and here’s why.  Your budget is the reality of your dreams.  That said, don’t think of a small budget as confining or a large budget as overwhelming.  It is just the guideline that helps create the event you want and can afford.

You can create the wedding you want within your budget by focusing on the elements that matter most to you. Put a larger portion of the budget towards what’s important and then be creative in filling in the other components of your event.  For example, I had a clients who’s wedding was a 1920′s themed evening event.  Her budget was reasonably small for 100 people.  I asked her “When you envision your wedding, what comes to your mind’s eye?”  She replied, “I see our guests dancing in period clothes to a swing band.” Perfect.  From that I could tell that the band was the most important element of her reception and went about securing the Shanghai Woolies, an amazing Portland area swing band!

When using an event planner a budget is important because they are experts and figuring out how to best negotiate on your behalf.  They use their clout of the possibility of future work for vendors and usually can get you a reduced bid, which can basically pay for their services.

Keep in mind that most vendors really want your business if your event date is open in their calendar!  If a florist or entertainer seems out of your budget, ask them if they will do it for a reduced set amount, after all – all they can say is no. Or they might say yes and you have save yourself some major coin to spend on what is really important to you!

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