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Guest Blog: Creating a Vintage Wedding

The vintage look is favored by lots of brides-to-be as it’s elegant and romantic whilst being timelessly stylish, which is what makes so many of the trends from decades ago still look amazing.


Anything based around styles from 20 to 100 years ago can be considered as ‘vintage’, so there is a wide spectrum of choice. You can mix a few modern touches, for example if you’re going for classic 1940’s glamour, you don’t need the food to be based on post-war rations! A word of caution though; steering away from your chosen time period too much will dilute the theme and you don’t want to mix distinct trends from different decades as this will make your theme unclear and your guests won’t feel transported to another era.

The most popular vintage era at the moment is pre-1950’s shabby chic, which is mainly defined by its use of opulent materials and textures with dusky, muted color , with a hint of handmade and up-cycled items, which combined gives a romantic, cozy feel. Everything has a touch of luxury with a hint of wear and distress, which means that you can really enjoy the different textures of the woods and fabrics. The shabby chic look is brilliant for brides on a budget, no matter how artistic they are as you can experiment with vintage touches to make decorations and wedding favors, for example fabric bunting or items from charity shops, like mismatched china tea cups and saucers as part of place settings or to serve up part of the wedding breakfast in. For a really cute vintage touch, you could hire a photo booth wall and decorate it as an old-fashioned kissing booth. There are lots of inspirational pictures on Pinterest of brides who have made their own ‘Kiss me quick’ signs and Valentine’s Day inspired props for their vintage-style photo booths.

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If you prefer the glamorous rock and roll style of the sixties, you could incorporate classic Beetle or Mini photo booth to really take your guests back in time whilst providing fun interactive entertainment. Photo booth pictures not only remind people of their youth before there were camera phones and digital cameras everywhere, they also provide an instant and unique wedding favor. You could even have the pictures in black and white and have sixties themed accessories for your guests to use for really retro results. Although it can be quite hard to source a genuine vintage dress that fits as women were smaller with different proportions in the 1960s, a lot of women find the bridal dresses that were in fashion very flattering as they veered more towards covered arms and A-line skirts, so it is worth looking for a dress true to the era or a reliable tailor to help you modify a genuine dress. Of course, the hairstyle is crucial to ensure that you really echo the era that you choose, especially with the sixties which was all about the glossy beehive and blunt fringe.

Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 5.53.32 PM
Whether you love art deco, rock and roll or the glam rock era, remember to keep the theme consistent through the outfits, decor and styling as well as any other little touches that nod to your chosen decade, but don’t panic if you have to have some modern touches. Your older relatives will also be able to help you research and source items for your vintage style wedding to help make your big day a perfect step back in time.


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