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Groomsmen Attire: Final Details

The most important decision has been made:  you have picked each other, congratulations! You’ve picked colors, the bride has her dress, and now it’s time for the groom! You want the groom to stand out from his groomsmen, just as the bride stands out from her bridesmaids. Mr. Formal can help you accomplish this with colors, vest and tie styles, and the jacket depending on the vision you have for your wedding.

We want to help make your wedding a beautiful success! So, we have compiled some frequently asked questions about groomsmen attire: What if you have a groomsman out of town? What if you can’t get everyone together at once to get fitted?  Who pays? Can you see the full tuxedo before the wedding? These are just a couple concerns you may have. Mr. Formal wants to ease your planning and coordination as much as possible.

Groomsman Out of Town?
Not to worry! You can get your groomsmen sized and measured at a partner location or at your local tuxedo shop. Mr. Formal is a part of the Savvi Formalwear group, which is nationwide. Fittings and measurements from one Savvi location to another are standardized. The measurements can be emailed to the location of your choice or you can call them in. Your groomsmen don’t need to make a special trip before the nuptials. Mr. Formal also keeps a record of all customers’ measurements, so if your groomsmen have rented from us in the past we can use what is on file.

Everyone In One Place, At One Time?!
Coordinating schedules can be impossible at times! When you register your wedding with Mr. Formal we don’t need everyone to visit the same store at the same time. We suggest the bride and groom to come in initially to pick out the styles for the party. Once the styles are picked out, party members can go to a convenient location at their leisure.

Who Pays?
That depends on you! It has been typical for the past several years for each party member to pay for their own rentals. Of course, this depends on the party. It is typical in the industry for the groom to get a free tuxedo after the purchase of 5 rentals. Sometimes the groom will split the cost of his free tuxedo amongst his groomsmen’s rentals or put a down payment on each rental.

Can We See the Tuxedo Before the Wedding?
Only select few tuxedo shops will let you try-on the full outfit before renting. Most tuxedo rental companies only offer a try-on fitting at the time of pick-up, with a guarantee to adjust measurements. A lot of people are more visual, so we want to let you have the full affect! We can book a Groom’s Preview just two weeks after your initial visit.

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