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Guest Blog: DIY or Hire a Wedding Planner?

DIY Wedding vs. Hiring a Professional Wedding Planner

Congratulations you’re engaged!  Now is the time to start looking through magazines, websites and guide books to get an idea of what you want your special day to look like!  All these details may be overwhelming.  So when do you ask for help or can you do it yourself?

Do it yourself wedding planning:

Many people plan their own weddings and do a fantastic job!


  • It can allow you to save a bit of money not having to pay someone to do it for you.
  • Allows you and your family/friends to be really involved in the entire process and have fun!
  • There are many tools that can help you budget and set a planning timeline including websites, printed guides and even apps!


  • If you have not planned an event before, it could be easy to overlook an important element.
  • Planning a wedding is time consuming!  Do you have the time to put into making it your dream day?
  • You will be doing the heavy lifting, or your wonderful friends and family.  Set up and tear down can be draining for those involved!
  • A DIY event the host is responsible for actions of everyone at the party. Expensive accidents are not unheard of and insurance for covering this can be expensive.

Hiring a professional wedding planner:

A professional event planner can be a life saver and help save you valuable time and money.


  • Will have great relationships with suppliers and can get you the products you want for the prices you want to pay from reputable companies.
  • May be able to help with really creative ideas to help fill in your vision!
  • Has planned these events before and will make sure to cover the details; electricity needs, food specifics for allergies or special diets, timing, set up, liquor liability and event insurance.


  • It can be expensive.  Not always!  Make sure to ask them how they get paid and how you will be billed.  Some are paid a commission from what you are spending, some are a flat fee.
  • Make sure to research your planner before choosing; there are a lot out there and you don’t want to hire one that has overstated their experience or one that you don’t click with – how many weddings have they done previously? Can you get referrals from their past clients?

Event facility that provides an wedding planner:

A lot of full service event facilities will offer wedding planning assistance.  When choosing a venue, make sure to ask what is included!


  • They are familiar with the limitations and capabilities of their space and can make great recommendations on what will work and not work!
  • Some venues will provide this service for free which can save some money!
  • Will have relationships with vendors that have provided services to their venue previously and already know the space.
  • They can also provide comprehensive insurance. This insurance covers the actions of guests and employees, liquor liability and general liability.


  • There may be some venues that have a preferred or exclusive vendor list which may limit you on your choices.
  • If the venue charges for the service it can be an added cost.
  • Because you are assigned an event planner rather than choosing one, it may not always be a good match if they do not share your vision.

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