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Guest Blog: Bridal Accessories

Today, I will address bridal accessories: shoes, jewelry, and cover-ups.

Don’t miss this opportunity to really make your bridal look your own. Bridal accessories such as shoes, jewelry and cover ups can make a great accent to your gown. If you aren’t sure where to start remember from my previous post here, but as a quick reminder:

Is it a proportional size?
Does it tell your story?
Is it sentimental?
Does it complement your look?
Does it improve your look?

In this post, I wanted to highlight the current trends that we love for shoes jewelry and cover ups.
Our best advice for shoes is wear something fun but comfortable. Unless you plan on kicking them off or a shoe change, you may be in the shoes of your choice for awhile so make sure they aren’t going to kill your feet. Here are some ideas we love:

Rainboots for the Weather Appropriate



Cowboy Boots for the Rustic Chic

ac3 ac4

Painted Soles

DIY here

ac5 ac6



Foot Jewelry for Beach Weddings


Speaking of jewelry, our favorite kind is heirloom, a piece that is sentimental and precious. But we are currently in love with statement necklaces!

ac12 ac13

Finally we have cover ups. You might get chilly depending on the weather of your venue. But why not keep warm in style?




Remember, whatever bridal accessories you decide think about these questions: Is it a proportional size? Does it tell your story? Is it sentimental? Does it complement your look? Does it improve your look? Want to know more about bridal accessories? Check out our previous blog about how to pick your veil here.

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