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Guest Blog: Avoid the DIY Headache!

The do-it-yourself wedding has been all the rage for some years now, with many brides choosing to make their own cakes, design their own centerpieces, and even some making their own wedding dresses. Wedding magazines dedicate issues to the do-it-yourself bride with how-to’s ranging from invitation making to candle pouring.

Ever wonder how much time and effort that all takes? The true do-it-yourselfer will end up spending hours creating all the aspects of a wedding. Some brides love the creative aspect of making each piece by hand (and let’s be honest all the friends of the bride who pitch in to help get that last bouquet made). But most get to the end of it wishing they’d hired someone to just get it done for them. They end up frustrated, stressed out, and with something that doesn’t quite look like what they dreamed of.

Some things like invitations and stationery for any event, big or small, should always be handed off to a professional. Here are my Top 8 Reasons.

8. Current Trends- Good designers stay up to date on what is in fashion. Believe it or not, the invitation and stationery world has trends and styles that go in and out of fashion just like clothing. If having a fashion-forward invitation is important to you, then look no further than your professional designer. They will know the current trends, what colors are in style that year, and how to make your invites look haute couture.

7. Artistic Touch- Pouring over Pintrest and getting all excited to create your own stationary is one thing. But actually putting your creative ideas to paper is a whole different ball game, especially if you aren’t the crafty type. Professionals are used to the creative process and are pros at putting your ideas to work to create exactly what you want. Don’t let anyone fool you, the creative process takes work and practice, something a professional designer will have at your disposal.

6. Emotional Impact- Ever think of having your friend or a family member help you out with your wedding invitations? Seems logical, family is free right? Most people want to be a help to you during your wedding preparations. However, having family and friends help out can cause a lot of stress. Maybe you don’t like how Aunt Marge made your invitations with ruffles but you can’t tell her because she’d be heartbroken. Professionals are businesslike and shouldn’t get easily offended if you don’t like a certain way they’ve designed your invitations. They expect you to give feedback because their sole goal is to create something you love. Sometimes it’s best to leave the emotions at the door and stick to letting your family help serve punch at the reception.

5. Price- What? How can I say price is a top eight reason for hiring a professional? I won’t venture to say hiring a professional is cheaper, because that would be fibbing. However, I can guarantee more bang for your buck. Consider this; if your invitation designer makes a mistake, it’s on them to fix it and pay for any replacement materials and time spent. If you mess up on your first round of invitations…well, it sounds like you’re making another trip to the craft store for more supplies (and more money out of your pocket!)

4. Workload- Making invitations, programs, table numbers, or any type of paper stationery is a lot of work. Most brides underestimate the sheer number of hours it takes from start to finish to make invitations. Think about it: you have to buy the materials, cut everything down to size, design your invitations on the computer, print it all, assemble, address…..I think you get my point. When you hire a professional, they are the ones spending the hours creating your invitations. You get the beautiful end result.

3. Quality- Invitation designers and stationery designers have the experience and the equipment to create a high quality and beautiful product. Most have spent a significant amount of time perfecting their craft and have the necessary equipment to assist them on a production level. If you aren’t a crafter normally, you likely won’t have the regular things needed to make invitations such as paper cutters, good printers, quality adhesive, etc. If you plan on making your own invites you’ll have to factor those costs in as well. Professionals strive to create the perfect product for you at the highest quality available to them.

2. No Mistakes- Ever hear horror stories of brides sending out hundreds of invitations only to have them returned with not enough postage? Or arriving only to find the groom’s name is spelled incorrectly? Or the wedding date was printed wrong? Mistakes and typos are easy to make, but professionals are practiced in the art of no mistakes. Their reputation depends on it. Also, a good invitation designer will have the customer look over the final draft before printing to make sure the invitation is mistake free and will double check all current postage rates for your specific invitation.

1. Less Stress- Who doesn’t like less stress in their lives? This is my number one most compelling reason to hire a professional to design your invitations and stationery. Remember all you wonderful brides, planning your wedding is supposed to be fun and memorable, not riddled with stress and tears. When you have a professional invitation designer take care of all the details, assembly, cutting, and ordering for you, you can spend more time doing the things only you can do. Pick out a wedding dress. Choose your first dance song. Taste test wedding cakes. You can’t hire someone to do that for you. Hiring a professional to create your invitations and stationery frees you up to enjoy your engagement and wedding planning.

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  1. Crista Nice, Feb 13, 2014 - Guest Blog: Avoid the DIY Headache!

    Such great reasons to hire a professional. I wish I had. All the time, money, drama & mistakes kept me too occupied to enjoy time with my fiancé! I'd do it different if I had that chance. Great article!

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