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7 Wedding Cake Trends of 2016

 7 Wedding Cake Trends of 2016

A good variety of food and desserts at your wedding is important to keep your guests full and happy. But everyone knows that the star of the food table is the wedding cake. After the ceremony is over, one of the next events that guests look forward to is the cutting of the cake. This revealing moment can be especially exciting when the cake is brought out and guests gasp in awe at the beauty and design of your dessert. We have come up with a list of seven wedding cake trends of 2016 that are sure to be a hit at your special event!

1. Flowers

Do you think flowers are just for centerpieces and tabletop decorations? Think again! Flowers (edible gum paste or fresh cut from the garden) can be a beautiful addition to a tiered wedding cake. If you want to avoid food coloring and keep your frosting white, flowers are a great way to introduce color to your cake! If your wedding has a country theme, choose sunflowers. If it’s a rustic theme, choose bluebells, lilies, and fern. If your wedding is closer to the fall or or winter, choose darker colored flowers with rich purples, navy blues, and burgundies. If your wedding is in the spring, choose fresh daisies or pastel peonies. The possibilities are endless for this fun trend!


Kyra’s Bake Shop


Check out our Pinterest page for more wedding cake trends!

2. Fruit

Another popular cake decor item is fruit! Fruit is a great cake topper for rustic or organic themed weddings, as you can see in the photo below. Fresh seasonal berries can be gorgeous lining the bases of each of your stacked cakes and piled on top of the cake as well. If some of your guests are avoiding sweets, this gives them the option to just eat the fruit from their slice. It’s also a more healthy option! Don’t limit yourself to one trend – try mixing two trends and include flowers and fruit on your cake.


Bridal Veil Lakes

3. Naked

This trend has got to be the most popular this year and my personal favorite. There’s no need for fondant on this type of cake, and not much frosting either. The cake can be any flavor you want – both chocolate and vanilla cakes look good with this trend. The idea is to spread frosting in between each cake layer but avoid spreading frosting on the sides of the cake. This is why it’s called a “naked” cake. Sometimes naked cakes have a very thin layer of frosting spread along the sides, but not enough to cover the cake completely, or they are dusted in powdered sugar. This style is perfect for a rustic themed wedding. Decorations typically include fruit or flowers.


4. Ombre

Ombre cakes are another hot trend this year. The idea is to dye the frosting for a gradient effect. For example, if your cake is blue, you would use food coloring to dye the frosting a light baby blue at the top of the cake, then a little darker sky blue, then darker and darker all the way down to navy blue. Multiple colors can be used as well. This ombre look isn’t limited to frosting – you can make the cake itself ombre or the decorations ombre. Whatever your heart desires!



5. Watercolor

Watercolor cakes are perhaps the most artistic trend of 2016. Designs range from a tie-dye swirl of bright colors to carefully hand-painted flowers on fondant. Watercolor cakes often include edible glitter or sprinkles, extra dollops of buttercream to give the cake an element of dimension, or a gold foiling technique (which is mentioned in trend #7 below). If you’re looking for a dreamy, jaw-dropping cake design, watercolor cakes are your best bet.



6. Marbled

Just like a marble countertop, marbled cakes can be created as well! That beautiful, neutral colored swirl of white and gray can be captured just by rolling a few different shades of fondant together and layering it over your cake. This is a very elegant design that is perfect for a wedding with a particular theme or color scheme. But don’t think you’re limited to the regular marble colors – you can mix virtually any colors of fondant you want to create many different and unique variations of marbled cake!


7. Foiled

The final trend in our blog today is foiling. This is a gorgeous, abstract technique that has gotten quite popular this year. Foiling is done by applying metallic gold or copper colored edible flakes to the fondant on the top and/or sides of the cake. Flowers or a watercolor design are often seen alongside foiling on a cake. (Remember what I said about mixing trends??) You can choose to keep the foils abstract or uniform in pattern – it’s all up to you.



For more cake design ideas and wedding inspiration, visit our Pinterest page!

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