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7 Amazing Wedding Ring Ideas You Should Consider

Gold and diamonds still are the most popular choices for wedding rings in Australia; though, stainless steel and titanium are definitely becoming more common options. Another option that has begun to come back into style is platinum, and it is fairly common for white gold to be rhodium plated in Australian wedding rings. There is a lot of thought that goes into choosing the right wedding ring.

First of all, you need to narrow down your options. There are a lot of different wedding ring choices, and if you try to keep them all in mind, you will likely be overwhelmed. It is often an option for you to consider buying your wedding band and engagement ring together, which can possibly save you some money. It is important to start the quest for a wedding ring pretty early. Two to three months is the recommended amount of time to try on rings.

You should also remember that the bride and groom’s rings do not have to match if the couple does not agree on a style. Before you begin shopping for a ring, make sure you set a budget and stick to it. Also, you should keep your lifestyle in mind. The goal is to find a ring that you can easily wear in your everyday life. If you work with your hands very often, you will probably want to look for a simply, sturdy design. When you are searching for a ring, then you should keep an open mind. The design that you have always imagined may not be exactly what you were expecting. There are so many wedding ring options that it’s easy to get lost when choosing them. To help out, this article will share seven great wedding ring ideas that you can use anytime.

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  1. Stone Rings – Another good wedding ring idea is to purchase a band that has stones. Bands with stones are no longer just for women’s engagement rings. Stone wedding rings are great for brides and grooms. A simple stone can add a nice touch to any wedding band.
  2. Colored – Colored wedding bands are the style of the future. Black wedding bands have become popular among modern couples because they are edgy. Many wedding bands can be designed in all different Colors so that they your individual style.
  3. Square Shaped – You can make a daring statement with a square shaped wedding ring. Wedding rings are very traditionally round, so opting for a different shape is especially bold; and it can be engraved with special details on each side. This incredible style is totally different from anything you have seen before.
  4. Satin Finished – One exciting and chic style for your wedding bands is to add a satin finish. A satin finish gives a wedding band more of a textured feel, as well as unique appearance. Satin wedding bands can be designed with stones, Colors and engravings.
  5. Wooden – Another interesting wedding ring idea is to have a wooden ring. Wedding bands can be made out of more than just metals. Wood rings are an innovative, down-to-earth alternate to traditional ring styles. For a look that is both laid-back and classy, wooden wedding bands can have stones imbedded in them as well.
  6. Engraved Rings – One amazing idea for a wedding ring is one that has been engraved. A modest band in gold, silver or platinum can be custom-made with a special engraving for the couple. You can contemplate having your initials or wedding date engraved. Another good idea is to get a simple statement that is important to your relationship engraved as a memory.
  7. Entwined – Wedding rings that are entwined in style are very innovative. A circle of quite a few twisted bands makes for an exclusive, different design. You can also combine multiple metals or materials for a multi-toned elegant design.

Deciding on a wedding band design can be stressful, but it does not have to be. There are a ton of wedding ring designs, so you should narrow down your options and focus on bands that suit your budget, style preference and lifestyle. Engraved rings, bands with stones, Colored bands, satin finished, wooden, entwined and square shaped rings are all great options for wedding bands. You should always look for a wedding ring that you like.

Author Bio - Since young, Bobby has developed a fascination for diamond and coloured stones. The content of his blog posts is very practical and informative for diamond engagement ring shoppers. As an avid traveller, he also writes regularly on topics like the latest jewellery trends at Charles Rose Jewellers and around the world along with the interesting stuff he finds in his travels. His posts are clever and fun to read.


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