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6 Lighting Concepts for an Outdoor, Afternoon Wedding

6 Lighting Concepts for an Outdoor, Afternoon Wedding

What is an outdoor wedding without great lighting? A very dark, probably not very enjoyable wedding! Lighting is a key factor to any event, particularly events that take place at night or outside. Coincidentally, “outside” and “at night” are also fairly popular wedding settings, locations, and times. But the question is, what lighting options are available for an outdoor, afternoon wedding that goes into the night? So, to aid in answering this broad question, I’ve chosen six lighting concepts to showcase as options for brightening these specific wedding environments. Hopefully this sheds some light on your search! (My apologies for the lighting pun).

1. String lights

String lights are probably the most conventional solution for the outdoor lighting issue, and with good reason. These small globe-shaped lights are relatively cheap, easy to install (with only one outlet really needed to get the job done), and can be suspended anywhere between poles or sturdy trees. They also look great bordering walkways into the event to light the way for guests.


Visit our Pinterest page for more lighting concepts and wedding decor ideas!

2. Hanging fairy lights in greenery

Interested in a more DIY wedding? Simply use white fairy lights (otherwise known as Christmas tree lights) as an alternative to hanging lights (or borrow some from a friend if you don’t celebrate the holiday!) You likely already have these laying around, they cost virtually nothing (besides the effort required to dig them out of an attic somewhere), and can easily be strung around trees or bushes. They give off a gorgeous twinkly glow and make for great decor as well.


3. Candles

Seeing as candles can’t exactly be used for hanging or stringing around the flora of your wedding setting, these are probably best for decorating tables and flat surfaces. Let’s face it: the beautiful glow of candlelight at a wedding is a very difficult sight to match. (Also, please be safe when handling fire. Or, just use electric candles!)


4. Tiki torches

Once again, fire is very dangerous, so please be careful when handling tiki torches. That aside, these devices can easily light up large patches of space without fussing over hanging and draping lights throughout your wedding location. They’re great for summer weddings, especially if it’s a beachy or Hawaiian theme!


5. Hanging lanterns in trees

Are there trees at your wedding location? Do you know where you can find some hanging lanterns? Honestly, just combine your answers for these two questions, and that’s all you need to know for this concept to work.


This wedding ceremony setting has a gorgeous rustic look. Visit our A Rustic Affair blog for more ideas!

6. Glow Sticks

While not ideal as the single source of lighting at your wedding, glow sticks can be used to brighten the space when the night gets particularly dark. Just lay a few out on your tables or stick them in centerpieces, pass them out to guests and kids, and watch everybody enjoy the fun!


Visit our Pinterest page for more lighting concepts and wedding decor ideas!

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