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6 Essential Style Tips For Your Rock’n'Roll Themed Wedding

Do you prefer the Rolling Stones to Mozart? Do you look better in leather than lace? Are you more at home on a Harley than in a limo? You might be a prime candidate for a rock’n’roll themed wedding.

When you and your honey decide to tie the knot, ditch the demure, elegant wedding status quo in favour of these six nuptial style tips.

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1. Make it a Hair Raiser

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Whether you’re a mod rocker, a punk or a metal head, one thing’s for sure: conservative wedding hairstyles are not an option for you on your special day.

Forget the lady-like Jane Austen-esque up-do for her, or the same old short back and sides for him. Your wedding day should reflect your unique, authentic personality; and what better way to express your identity than through your hair?  You will be the centre of attention on your big day, so don’t be shy – rock a hairstyle that is suitably loud and proud.

2. Stuck on You Like a Tattoo

Like matrimonial love, tattoos are forever. So matching tattoos are a great way to consecrate your nuptials. If you’re a rock-n-roll kind of couple, it’s on the cards that you will already have a fair collection of tattoos between you. Why not add to the collection on your special day with marital body markings?

The go-to tattoo option for many newlyweds is the good, old name-in-a-heart tattoo. Knuckle tattoos with the words ‘STAY TRUE’ and ‘HELL YEAH’ are also popular with tattooed types. Or you might also consider finger tattoos, with the words ‘I do’ or ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’ inked on the ring fingers, in place of a traditional wedding ring.

3. Make it Sing With Bridal Bling

A rock’n’roll themed wedding is no time to be shy. Splash out with bold colours and quirky accessories that scream “UNCONVENTIONAL”.

Matching nameplate necklaces are a nice touch for newlyweds. And why not switch the traditional bridal veil for headwear that pops. Floral crowns are a good-looking alternative for the tattooed bride. Or for a cheeky spin on tradition, how about a veil with the words HELL YEAH or I SURE DO embroidered along the hem?

4. Give Traditional Wedding Shoes the Boot

Most cookie-cutter brides complete the traditional bridal look with dainty white shoes. For a rock’n’roll soul like you, nothing could be more boring or unsuitable.

Don’t patter down the aisle, like a vestal virgin. Make a statement in shoes that really say something about you. Bright red stilettos are always fun (if your ankles are up to it). For a bit of extra fun, ask the wedding band to play songs that ‘go with your shoes’. Bowie’s Let’s Dance is a good one – your wedding is the perfect time to “put on your red shoes and dance the blues”. Or rock a pair of sturdy cowboy boots, to dress down your frock and remind people what you’re all about.

5. Rock Your Favourite Jams

Once you look the part for your rock’n’roll themed wedding, it’s time to think about the soundtrack. Your wedding jukebox should be jumping with all of your favourite rocking jams. The music will ultimately set the mood – so make sure that your wedding DJ or band gets it right. Don’t assume that they have you all figured out; tell them exactly what you want to hear on your special day.

6. Location: Rock Star Staging

Once you decide to get married, the question of where can be tricky. Your wedding location should compliment you and everything that you stand for.

The pages of bridal magazines are awash with scenes of glorious sunsets, enchanted gardens and glistening waterfronts. But if you’re a rock’n’roll kind of couple, you’ll probably look and feel out of place getting hitched against those Hollywood backdrops.

Stage your wedding in a location that suits you both. If garage music is your cup of tea, what could be cooler than a warehouse-wedding congregation? Are you street art connoisseurs? A chapel in a graffiti-covered laneway might be up your alley. Whatever you do, pick a place that says you.

Today’s newlyweds are not bound to the tradition of a classic white wedding. These six style hacks are just the tip of the iceberg for rock’n’roll nuptials. Share your alternative wedding tips and tales in the comments section below.

Author Bio:

Jeremy started playing violin at the age of 3 and has never stopped. He absolutely loves playing music and founded ‘Musical Functions’. He is also a MC/DJ & regularly performs in his wedding band “Something Borrowed” with his fantastic team of dedicated musicians who create the perfect musical experience for weddings.

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