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6 Alternatives for Throwing Rice at your Wedding

6 Alternatives to Throwing Rice at your Wedding

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For much of history, rice and weddings have gone hand-in-hand. Since the time of Ancient Rome, recently married couples have been showered with rice (as well as corn, wheat, and grains) as a symbol of prosperity and fertility for their future relationship. Many modern cultures, the United States included, carry on this custom today, though it has fallen out of practice recently due to very false rumors that uncooked rice leftover following a wedding ceremony could be consumed by birds, who would suffer fatal consequences. While the “exploding bird stomach” misconception has thankfully been proven a myth, many newlyweds have still opted for alternatives to the traditional rice shower. Some have even chosen to forgo the ritual altogether.

But regardless of whether or not you choose to include this historically-rich tradition in your own ceremony, here are six fantastic substitutes to throwing rice at your wedding that are sure to provide this special event with a unique flare!


Bubbles are hitting the mainstream as an alternative to throwing rice at weddings. With no mess, no fuss, and relatively low costs, this all-ages toy can provide your event with a magical glow in any setting.



If you’re looking for a ceremony with just a touch of sparkle and glam, this is the perfect way to do it.

Flower petals

While flowers are usually reserved for the flower girl and bride, who’s to say your guests can’t join in on the tradition of tossing flowers on a wedding day? Flower petals are also soft, safe for any age, and biodegradable.


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Party poppers

Fireworks are dangerous, so this alternative should be handled carefully by likely adults only. But at a low cost and with a variety of colors, these can turn your wedding into the ideal celebration!



Though it may seem strange, the best substitute for throwing rice at a wedding may be, in fact, coming out of your very own faucet! Now, I’m not suggesting a harsh spray or a heavy rainfall, as they could cause damage to attire, property, or even people. But filling a few colorful spray bottles with water and producing a fine mist above the newlyweds can result in a truly stunning image that is cost effective, safe, and environmentally friendly (particularly if your ceremony takes place outdoors).


Forget the boring white rice – toss rainbow jimmies (also known as ice cream sprinkles) into the air to shower the newlyweds. Not only is using sprinkles instead of rice fun and unique, but it makes for amazing and colorful photos!


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