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2013 Photography Trends from David A. Barss Photographer

As a photographer, I capture every detail of the wedding and have seen it all. There have been several wedding trends that have been predominant in 2013. Here, I’ve listed just the few I’ve noticed from the year.

Do it yourself weddings

This is not entirely new, but has grown over the last few years and is a bigger trend now more than ever.  I think it grew out of two directions.  The first being a way to cut cost in a tough economy and the second a way to personalize an event with truly unique details.   This trend can swing the gamut from truly creative and interesting to having bit of homemade arts and crafts feel.

Strapless Wedding Dresseshollywood-lights-davidbarssphotographer

Again while not new to 2013 this trend seems to be hanging on.  From a photographic point of view, I would warn brides that even someone with a magazine version of a “perfect figure” quite often will still struggle with the dress fitting entirely flattering.  Simple straps or other designs seem to alleviate these problems.

Unique Catering/Food

I have seen more clients as of late hire food carts, or talk with their caterers about providing something different and interesting and the results quite often make a very memorable impression.  The only word of warning I would give here is a vendor that does not specialize or have experience in events can sometimes struggle to anticipate the needs and staff required to have things go off without a hitch.

Style with Flair

Whether it be a vintage twist, or all the groomsmen with socks that match their ties, hats, umbrellas and the list goes on.  There seems to be a continuing trend to add a splash of something quirky, vintage or unique.  More often than not I think this is awesome and really adds to the flavor, but sometimes you can go too far.  I think it is great to be an individual, but when a trend occurs, eventually you can fall into the trap of becoming novel and it may lose it’s timeless appeal.

Friend of a Friend Photographer

I have heard more than ever couples are choosing this option.  More than half the time I hear horror stories later.  They quite often are not skilled and prepared both from a photographic standpoint and from an experience standpoint.  Weddings are fast paced with a lot of variables, and potential for issues that need to be solved on the fly, seamlessly.  I definitely recommend you use an experienced professional for your photography.


These are the main points that have stood out to me over the last year and I can’t say I know what will change in 2014, but I will throw out my wish list.

If clients continue down the path of DIY weddings, definitely pick your avenues.  May your expressive mark, but make sure you hire professionals for key components of the wedding.  I have heard many a horror story about the friend of a friend photographer, the friend caterer and the family member coordinator.

Regarding dresses, I hope straps come back and I love when brides choose something vintage, custom, non wedding or even a color other than white.

Continue the trend for unique food and catering it is an awesome idea, just make sure you are hiring seasoned professionals.

Continue the trend of adding a sense of style and flair, it really makes a personal statement and is fun to photograph.  Just be careful of going to far.

Lastly, hire a professional photographer,while I may not be that objective, I believe I have a valid point.  Once the day is over the guest have left the cake and food have been eaten, the flowers have wilted, and the garments sent to dry cleaning you will only have your memories.  Hopefully these memories are captured in a beautiful, thoughtful, and artistic sense with the quality of a professional.

Guest Blog Written by:

David A. Barss, Photographer

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