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10 Unique Food Bar Ideas for Your Wedding

10 Unique Food Bar Ideas for your Wedding

Food bars are becoming common fare at weddings and other special events, and certainly not without reason. With a personalized, customizable appeal, food bars are ideal for keeping guests happy and well-fed. So, to keep up with this constantly evolving trend, here are ten unique food bar ideas to employ on your special day!


1. Candy

A candy table is a classic wedding staple. Just remember to maintain variety and balance between chocolatey, sugary, and sour sweets, and you’re sure to impress your guests with the perfect bar of treats.


Shedevr Dessert Elegance

2. Italian Soda

While not technically food, this kid­ friendly bar offers endless variety and customization. Carbonated water + simple syrup + optional cream = 100% delicious.

Homemade Italian Sodas at

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3. Taco

With plenty of toppings to choose from and various meat and tortilla options, tacos are sure to fit right in at a food bar. While authentic Mexican tacos are soft corn, beef, and never feature lettuce, tomato, or shredded cheese, it may be in your best interests to also provide your guests with “American” toppings simply for the sake of variety.

taco bar

4. Crostini

As if bread couldn’t get any better, Italians decided to push the envelope by introducing the world to the glory that is the crostini. Toasted bread plus toppings that your guests can choose themselves? Prepare yourself for the ultimate wedding celebration.

5. Cookie

Cookie decorating, anyone? With the opportunity to customize both cookie type and frosting, this food bar is the perfect dessert for kids and adults. Don’t forget the sprinkles!


Le Cookie Monkey

6. Burger sliders

Let’s face it, everyone loves a good burger (except vegetarians). But do you know what everyone really loves? Tiny, customizable, adorable burger sliders, of course!

7. Hot chocolate

Picture this: a hot chocolate bar for the picturesque winter or night wedding. Just add marshmallows, whipped cream, candy canes, and plethora of other toppings, and it may just feel like the holidays came early this year.


8. Caramel apple

First hot chocolate, now caramel apples? The holidays really did come early! While these treats are kryptonite for anyone with braces, your guests can customize their caramel apples with anything from Oreo’s to popcorn, a variety sure to please everyone.

9. Fruit salad

We’ve all had fruit salads that feature one or two fruits we aren’t terribly keen on. Usually you would skirt around them with the wooden serving spoon until you’ve thoroughly annoyed anyone planning to serve themselves after you. But with a fruit salad bar, in which each person can customize the meal for themselves, you’re sure to never encounter this mishap and keep everyone happily fed.


10. Baked potatoes

Baked potatoes are practically the DIY of the food world, which make them a fantastic choice for a food bar. Who doesn’t like potatoes? Also, bacon bits. Did I mention bacon bits?


While these ten food bar ideas may be insightful, don’t let this list limit you! Reach for the stars for your special event with a salad bar, “small bites” bar, cupcake bar, s’mores bar, banana split bar, and more!



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