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10 Exciting Twists On Old Wedding Traditions

Wedding Traditions


Wedding traditions get passed down from generation to generation some are for superstition, some for life lessons and some are just boring, but traditions are no longer the most important part of the new modernized wedding. Most modern weddings have altered old wedding traditions to suit the needs of the couple and the guests. Few traditions have been done away with completely but here is our list of 10 exiting twists on otherwise boring wedding traditions.

1.Wedding Desserts


Couples are now choosing wedding dessert displays over a traditional cake. Lots of dessert choices leave guests happy by allowing everyone to get something they like. Especially popular are cupcakes on display. Still beautiful and close to the old tradition, but more selection for guests! Another fad is cake without frosting, symbolizing the less is more idea. Here are the latest 2014 Dessert Predictions.

2. White Dresses


The tradition of a white wedding is commonly credited to Queen Victoria’s choice to wear a white wedding dress at her wedding to Prince Albert in 1840.Brides are ditching this long held tradition of white dresses, which can be harsh on skin tones, and opting for more flattering shades such as ivory and champagne. Brides a little more on the wild side have been donning peach, blush, and even light blue for an extra pop of pizzazz. Find more about dress trends here.

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3. Bouquet Toss


This tradition of the bouquet toss has fallen by the wayside for brides who don’t want to put their single ladies on display. Instead, ideas of presenting the bouquet to a special lady like Grandma or the woman married the longest are being implemented. What was once an elbow-throwing extravaganza can now be transformed into a special moment.

4. Garter Toss


While the sexual overtones of the ritual are undeniable, the garter toss is about as popular as the groom’s cake: Some people love the idea, while others skip it.. It is about making guests feel as comfortable as possible, and brides don’t want the garter to be the reason for a memorable night.

5. Bridal Heels


Who wants to be in pain on the biggest day of her life? Brides are starting to ditch traditional bridal heels and choose a more comfortable option like lacey TOMS or blinged-out tennis shoes. Another option is changing for the reception so they can dance the night away pain-free. Don’t let the bridesmaids and guests suffer either! For more casual weddings bridesmaids and guests are provided with flip-flops so they can join in the pain-free fun! Want to know more about trends for bridal accessories? Check out this blog.

6. Giving the Bride Away


The tradition of the father giving away his daughter has its roots in the days of arranged marriages. Daughters in those times were considered their father’s properties. In this independent era, some brides are doing the procession down the aisle a little differently. Instead of the father traditionally giving away his daughter, brides are choosing to be escorted by both parents or walking down the aisle by themselves. They then choose to give themselves away.

 7. Who Pays For The Wedding?


On average, couples spend $25,656 for their wedding. However, the majority of couples spend between $19,242- $32,070, it’s no wonder that more families are choosing to share the costs of a wedding and ditching the tradition of a brides parents paying. One solution is developing a budget and seeing who can pay for what between the couple and both of their families.

8. Traditional Reception


Some couples never want the party to end, so if the weather is right and the money is plentiful they break traditional wedding reception rules and invite their guests to stay overnight in glamorous tents. While this trend is not for everyone, outdoors lovers enjoy sharing their love over s’mores and a campfire.

9. Wedding Photography


A new trend is for couples to lay down the law when it comes to electronics on their big day. Some will say they don’t want any disruption from the outside world on their day and ask guests to turn of the electronics and let the photographer capture all of their special moments. Others are very open to the idea of spreading the love through social media by encouraging guests to take pictures and use apps such as Wedding Party which helps collect and share photos from guests.

10. Groom & Bride Separation


Couples are choosing to break the movie cliche wedding tradition of not seeing each other and instead taking their pictures before they say, “I do.” This allows them more time at the reception with their guests and some great photos of seeing each other for the first time. Poses for pictures are not so traditional anymore, either. Couples are showing off their personalities and creativity by including something personal or taking funny shots they can laugh at years later.

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